2016-02-02: Release for season 2016

Removed the forced competition mode - competition sign and airplane registration at the first application start are not required now. Landing location sharing is not enabled by default (can be changed on the configuration screen). And as usually, fixed of some minor troubles that appeared during the last season.

Packages for Android 2.3.3 are available here:

  • Outlanded-2016-02-02cs-android2.2.3.apk (~922kB)
  • Outlanded-2016-02-02eu-android2.2.3.apk (~7.2MB)
  • Release for Android 3, 4 and 5 is right here:

    CZ+SK edition: Outlanded-2016-02-02cs.apk (~1MB)
    Europe edition: Outlanded-2016-02-02eu.apk (~8MB)

    2015-07-08: Outlanded for iPhone

    Nufue proudly presents a release of Oulanded for the Apple phones. The archive contains four experimental development versions signed by different certificates. It is very possible your phone needs to be jailbroken to install this app. If there were such a swashbuckler to try it out, please let us know if and how you succeeded!! :)

  • Oulanded-iPhone-2015-04-12-experimental.zip (~1.4MB)
  • 2015-07-08: Fixes and Improvements

    Added more GPS coordinates formats for parsing of incoming text messages. Fix of a problem in SMS receiver.

    Packages for Android 2.3.3 are available here:

  • Outlanded-2015-07-08cs-android2.2.3.apk (~921kB)
  • Outlanded-2015-07-08eu-android2.2.3.apk (~7.1MB)
  • Release for Android 3, 4 and 5 is right here:

    CZ+SK edition: Outlanded-2015-07-08cs.apk (~1MB)
    Europe edition: Outlanded-2015-07-08eu.apk (~7MB)

    2015-06-04: Introducing Competition Mode

    Quite recently I discovered out there are new phones missing the menu button (and nobody told me!). Without that, the functionality became rather limited and therefore here we come with new sleek design and extended functionality.

  • Added competition-related settings,
  • code switch to API level 15 (Android ≥ 3),
  • some tiny enhancements and fixes.
  • The new functionality "Competition Mode" is (optional) sharing of the outlanding location to the map server. Initially, this has been added to keep track on contestants for championships organisers. Later on, it seemed to be a nice idea to bring some more insight and interactivity for all the people following the competition events on the web.

    CZ+SK edition: Outlanded-2015-06-04cs.apk (~1.1MB)
    Europe edition: Outlanded-2015-06-04eu.apk (~7.4MB)

    2015-05-10: Last Release for Android 2.3.x!!

    Added competition-related functionality.

    This is last release for Android 2.3.x (API level 10). Code for this version will be no longer maintained and developed. But don't worry, it will still do the job just fine.

    CZ+SK edition: Outlanded-2015-05-10cs.apk (~940kB)
    Europe edition: Outlanded-2015-05-10eu.apk (~7.5MB)


    The app can now receive SMS messages sent by outlanded fellow pilots, giving you lovely audible and visual notification Additionally, from the list of received messages you can easily start an external mapping or navigational application to see where does your oncoming rescue mission takes place.

    See Incoming Messages in Screenshots section to find out more!

    CZ+SK edition: Outlanded-2014-05-30cs.apk (~908kB)
    Europe edition: Outlanded-2014-05-30eu.apk (~7.5MB)


    Besides an ordinary SMS, it is now possible to send the message via email or any other installed communication app, e.g. Hangouts, WhatsApp or possibly even Facebook or Twitter.

    CZ+SK edition: Outlanded-2014-04-10cs.apk (~905kB)
    Europe edition: Outlanded-2014-04-10eu.apk (~7.5MB)


    Initial version, became history.